Responsibility in The Team

Fine Art Business Partner is a fine art insurance broker, established in Detmold (Germany). We speak up for the interests of our clients and consider ourselves as partner of our clients.

We place particular importance on staff which provides the very best service to our clients and ensure the highest quality in consulting. Sound knowledge of the fine art insurance sector is helpful, good written and oral English language skills complement your profile.

You can expect a secure employment position and the usual social security benefits.

We like people who like people. Team players who enjoy assuming responsibility not only in the field service, are right for us. We appreciate independent thinking and acting as long as it is not selfish. We score the goal together.

Cosmopolitan attitudes and vision are also very welcome here - not least because the Ecclesia Group to which the FABP is a member, is not only successful in this country but is also positioned internationally. The focus of our business is on the specific local needs of our clients - regionally and internationally.

Are you able to think outside the proverbal box without losing sight of what is important? You think and act in a customer and service oriented manner? You have the ability to work in a team and you attach importance to fairplay? Then we should get to know each other.

Unsolicited applications are always welcome.
Please send your application to:

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